Youth Compound Bow Topoint M2

SPECIALLY DESIGNED for YOUTH, kids, girl and women with lower draw weight of 10-40lbs and light net bow weight of 2.5 lbs.SPECIFICS: Speed: IBO 290fps; Axle-to-Axle: 25"; Draw length: 17”-27” (adjustable without bow press); Brace height: 6.8”; Let-off: 75%


IBO Rate // Up to 330 Physical // 4.76 lbs. DrawWeight // 50,60lbs DrawLength(CAM1) : 26.5-30.5", without Bow press DrawLength(CAM2) : 24.5-27.5", without Bow press String Length //61.8" CableLength // 36.8" X 2 Riser // Aluminum CNC Machining


TOPOINT AERODYN Special alignment system,prevent the screw loosening design,could fit the Limbs degree angle,protect the limbs contacting part, for better stabiliztion and better looking.